DMA_BUF_EXPORT(9) Device drivers infrastructure DMA_BUF_EXPORT(9)

NAME dma_buf_export - Creates a new dma_buf, and associates an anon file with this buffer, so it can be exported. Also connect the allocator specific data and ops to the buffer. Additionally, provide a name string for exporter; useful in debugging.

SYNOPSIS struct dma_buf * dma_buf_export(const struct dma_buf_export_info * exp_info);

ARGUMENTS exp_info [in] holds all the export related information provided by the exporter. see struct dma_buf_export_info for further details.

DESCRIPTION Returns, on success, a newly created dma_buf object, which wraps the supplied private data and operations for dma_buf_ops. On either missing ops, or error in allocating struct dma_buf, will return negative error.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. April 2016 DMA_BUF_EXPORT(9)