dosfslabel(8) dosfslabel(8)

NAME dosfslabel - set or get a MS-DOS filesystem label

SYNOPSIS dosfslabel device [label]

DESCRIPTION This manual page documents briefly the dosfslabel command.

dosfslabel set or gets a MS-DOS filesystem label from a given device. If label is omitted, then the label name of the specified device is written on the standard output.

label cant be longer than 11 characters.

OPTIONS -h,--help Displays a help message.

-V,--version Shows version.

SEE ALSO mkfs.msdos(8), mkdosfs(8)

AUTHORS dosfslabel is Copyright 2007 Red Hat, Inc.

Some portions are Copyright 1998 Roman Hodek.

Some portions are Copyright 1993 Werner Almesberger.

This manual page was written by François Wendling <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

13 August 2008 dosfslabel(8)