aisexec_selinux(8) SELinux Policy aisexec aisexec_selinux(8)

NAME aisexec_selinux - Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the aisexec pro- cesses

DESCRIPTION aisexec_t SELinux domain type is now associated with cluster domain type (cluster_t).

Please see


man page for more details.

COMMANDS semanage fcontext can also be used to manipulate default file context mappings.

semanage permissive can also be used to manipulate whether or not a process type is permissive.

semanage module can also be used to enable/disable/install/remove pol- icy modules.

system-config-selinux is a GUI tool available to customize SELinux pol- icy settings.

AUTHOR This manual page was auto-generated using sepolicy manpage .

SEE ALSO selinux(8), cluster(8), semanage(8), restorecon(8), chcon(1)

aisexec 15-06-03 aisexec_selinux(8)