client.conf(5) Apple Inc. client.conf(5)

NAME client.conf - client configuration file for cups

DESCRIPTION The client.conf file configures the CUPS client and is normally located in the /etc/cups or ~/.cups directory. Each line in the file can be a configuration directive, a blank line, or a comment. Comment lines start with the # character.

DIRECTIVES The following directives are understood by the client. Consult the on- line help for detailed descriptions:

Encryption IfRequested

Encryption Never

Encryption Required Specifies the level of encryption that is required for a particu- lar location.

ServerName hostname-or-ip-address[:port]

ServerName /domain/socket Specifies the address and optionally the port to use when connect- ing to the server .TP 5 SSLOptions [AllowRC4] [Allow SSL3] Sets SSL/TLS protocol options for encrypted connections. By default, CUPS only supports encryption using TLS v1.0 or higher using known secure cipher suites. The AllowRC4 option enables the 128-bit RC4 cipher suites, which are required for some older clients that do not implement newer ones. The AllowSSL3 option enables SSL v3.0, which is required for some older clients that do not support TLS v1.0.

SEE ALSO http://localhost:631/help

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25 February 2006 CUPS client.conf(5)