CHRONYC(1) User s Manual CHRONYC(1)

NAME chronyc - command-line interface for chronyd


DESCRIPTION chrony is a pair of programs for maintaining the accuracy of computer clocks.

chronyc is a command-line interface program which can be used to moni- tor chronyd s performance and to change various operating parameters whilst it is running.

USAGE A detailed description of all commands supported by chronyc is avail- able via the documentation supplied with the distribution (chrony.txt and chrony.texi).

OPTIONS A summary of the options supported by chronyc is included below.

-h hostname specify hostname (default

-p port-number specify port-number

-n display raw IP addresses (dont attempt to look up hostnames)

-4 resolve hostnames only to IPv4 addresses

-6 resolve hostnames only to IPv6 addresses

-m allow multiple commands to be specified on the command line. Each argument will be interpreted as a whole command.

-f conf-file This option can be used to specify an alternate location for the configuration file (default /etc/chrony.conf). The configuration file is needed for the -a option.

-a With this option chronyc will try to authenticate automatically on start. It will read the configuration file, read the command key from the keyfile and run the authhash and password commands.

command specify command. If no command is given, chronyc will read com- mands interactively.

BUGS To report bugs, please visit

SEE ALSO chronyd(8)

AUTHOR Richard Curnow <>

This man-page was written by Jan Schaumann <> as part of "The Missing Man Pages Project". Please see for details.

The complete chrony documentation is supplied in texinfo format.

chrony 2.1.1 June 2015 CHRONYC(1)