ATA_HOST_ALLOC(9) libata Library ATA_HOST_ALLOC(9)

NAME ata_host_alloc - allocate and init basic ATA host resources

SYNOPSIS struct ata_host * ata_host_alloc(struct device * dev, int max_ports);

ARGUMENTS dev generic device this host is associated with

max_ports maximum number of ATA ports associated with this host

DESCRIPTION Allocate and initialize basic ATA host resources. LLD calls this function to allocate a host, initializes it fully and attaches it using ata_host_register.

max_ports ports are allocated and host->n_ports is initialized to max_ports. The caller is allowed to decrease host->n_ports before calling ata_host_register. The unused ports will be automatically freed on registration.

RETURNS Allocate ATA host on success, NULL on failure.

LOCKING Inherited from calling layer (may sleep).

AUTHOR Jeff Garzik Author.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2015 ATA_HOST_ALLOC(9)