cpufreq-aperf(1) cpufreq-aperf(1)

NAME cpufreq-aperf - Calculates the average frequency over a time period

SYNTAX cpufreq-aperf [options]

DESCRIPTION On latest processors exist two MSR registers referred to as: - MPERF increasing with maximum (P0) frequency in C0 - APERF increasing with current/actual frequency in C0

From this information the average frequency over a time period can be calculated and this is what this tool does.

A nice falloff feature beside the average frequency is the time a pro- cessor core remained in C0 (working state) or any CX (sleep state) pro- cessor sleep state during the measured time period. This information can be determined from the fact that MPERF only increases in C0 state.

OPTIONS -c --cpu <CPU> The <CPU> core to measure - default all cores.

-i --interval <seconds> Refresh rate - default 1 second.

-o --once Exit after one interval.

-h --help Prints the available options.

REMARKS The msr driver must be loaded for this command to work.

AUTHORS Thomas Renninger <trenn@suse.de>

SEE ALSO cpufreq-set(1), cpufreq-info(1)

Mattia Dongili 0.1 cpufreq-aperf(1)