btparser(1) btparser(1)

NAME btparser - a backtrace analyzer

SYNOPSIS btparser [option]... [FILE]...

DESCRIPTION btparser is a command line tool that analyzes backtraces produced by GDB and provides their textual representation useful for crash duplica- tion detection.

By default, btparser prints the backtrace tree created by parsing the input file.

OPTIONS Basic startup options

-V, --version Displays version of btparser.

-?, --help Print a help message describing all of btparsers command-line options.


-r, --rate Print a float number between 0 and 1, representing the quality of the backtrace.

-c, --crash-function Print the name of the function where the program crashed, if its successfully detected.

-h, --duplicate-hash Print a short, textual representation of the backtrace, useful for detecting the backtrace duplicates.

-s, --distances Print Damerau Levenshtein distances between the backtraces specified on the command line.

-g, --dendrogram Cluster backtraces by their distance and print an ASCII repre- sentation of the dendrogram.

-l, --clusters=LEVEL Print clusters cut from the dendrogram at the specified level.

Additional options

-i, --stdin Read input from the standard input rather than file.

-m, --max-frames=FRAMES When creating optimized backtrace or preparing backtrace for comparison, limit the number of frames to FRAMES. (default 8)

-z, --min-cluster-size=SIZE When printing clusters, ignore clusters that contain fewer than SIZE objects. (default 2)

-d, --debug Prints debug information when scanning/parsing the backtrace.

-v, --verbose Print more output than usual.

btparser 0.17 24 May 2010 btparser(1)