FB_FIND_MODE(9) Frame Buffer Library FB_FIND_MODE(9)

NAME fb_find_mode - finds a valid video mode

SYNOPSIS int fb_find_mode(struct fb_var_screeninfo * var, struct fb_info * info, const char * mode_option, const struct fb_videomode * db, unsigned int dbsize, const struct fb_videomode * default_mode, unsigned int default_bpp);

ARGUMENTS var frame buffer user defined part of display

info frame buffer info structure

mode_option string video mode to find

db video mode database

dbsize size of db

default_mode default video mode to fall back to

default_bpp default color depth in bits per pixel

DESCRIPTION Finds a suitable video mode, starting with the specified mode in mode_option with fallback to default_mode. If default_mode fails, all modes in the video mode database will be tried.

Valid mode specifiers for mode_option:

<xres>x<yres>[M][R][-<bpp>][@<refresh>][i][m] or <name>[-<bpp>][@<refresh>]

with <xres>, <yres>, <bpp> and <refresh> decimal numbers and <name> a string.

If ´M´ is present after yres (and before refresh/bpp if present), the function will compute the timings using VESA(tm) Coordinated Video Timings (CVT). If ´R´ is present after ´M´, will compute with reduced blanking (for flatpanels). If ´i´ is present, compute interlaced mode. If ´m´ is present, add margins equal to 1.8% of xres rounded down to 8 pixels, and 1.8% of yres. The char ´i´ and ´m´ must be after ´M´ and ´R´. Example:

1024x768MR-860m - Reduced blank with margins at 60Hz.

NOTE The passed struct var is _not_ cleared! This allows you to supply values for e.g. the grayscale and accel_flags fields.

Returns zero for failure, 1 if using specified mode_option, 2 if using specified mode_option with an ignored refresh rate, 3 if default mode is used, 4 if fall back to any valid mode.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 FB_FIND_MODE(9)