DMI_FIRST_MATCH(9) Firmware Interfaces DMI_FIRST_MATCH(9)

NAME dmi_first_match - find dmi_system_id structure matching system DMI data

SYNOPSIS const struct dmi_system_id * dmi_first_match(const struct dmi_system_id * list);

ARGUMENTS list array of dmi_system_id structures to match against All non-null elements of the list must match their slot´s (field index´s) data (i.e., each list string must be a substring of the specified DMI slot´s string data) to be considered a successful match.

DESCRIPTION Walk the blacklist table until the first match is found. Return the pointer to the matching entry or NULL if there´s no match.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 DMI_FIRST_MATCH(9)