DMA_BUF_MAP_ATTACHME(9) Device drivers infrastructure DMA_BUF_MAP_ATTACHME(9)

NAME dma_buf_map_attachment - Returns the scatterlist table of the attachment; mapped into _device_ address space. Is a wrapper for map_dma_buf of the dma_buf_ops.

SYNOPSIS struct sg_table * dma_buf_map_attachment(struct dma_buf_attachment * attach, enum dma_data_direction direction);

ARGUMENTS attach [in] attachment whose scatterlist is to be returned

direction [in] direction of DMA transfer

DESCRIPTION Returns sg_table containing the scatterlist to be returned; may return NULL or ERR_PTR.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 DMA_BUF_MAP_ATTACHME(9)