DEV_ALLOC_NAME(9) Network device support DEV_ALLOC_NAME(9)

NAME dev_alloc_name - allocate a name for a device

SYNOPSIS int dev_alloc_name(struct net_device * dev, const char * name);

ARGUMENTS dev device

name name format string

DESCRIPTION Passed a format string - eg ltd it will try and find a suitable id. It scans list of devices to build up a free map, then chooses the first empty slot. The caller must hold the dev_base or rtnl lock while allocating the name and adding the device in order to avoid duplicates. Limited to bits_per_byte * page size devices (ie 32K on most platforms). Returns the number of the unit assigned or a negative errno code.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 DEV_ALLOC_NAME(9)