DECODE_RS16(9) Public Functions Provided DECODE_RS16(9)

NAME decode_rs16 - Decode codeword (16bit data width)

SYNOPSIS int decode_rs16(struct rs_control * rs, uint16_t * data, uint16_t * par, int len, uint16_t * s, int no_eras, int * eras_pos, uint16_t invmsk, uint16_t * corr);

ARGUMENTS rs the rs control structure

data data field of a given type

par received parity data field

len data length

s syndrome data field (if NULL, syndrome is calculated)

no_eras number of erasures

eras_pos position of erasures, can be NULL

invmsk invert data mask (will be xored on data, not on parity!)

corr buffer to store correction bitmask on eras_pos

DESCRIPTION Each field in the data array contains up to symbol size bits of valid data. Returns the number of corrected bits or -EBADMSG for uncorrectable errors.

AUTHOR Thomas Gleixner <> Author.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 DECODE_RS16(9)