COMPARE_ETHER_ADDR_6(9) Network device support COMPARE_ETHER_ADDR_6(9)

NAME compare_ether_addr_64bits - Compare two Ethernet addresses

SYNOPSIS unsigned compare_ether_addr_64bits(const u8 addr1[6+2], const u8 addr2[6+2]);

ARGUMENTS addr1[6+2] Pointer to an array of 8 bytes

addr2[6+2] Pointer to an other array of 8 bytes

DESCRIPTION Compare two ethernet addresses, returns 0 if equal. Same result than memcmp(addr1, addr2, ETH_ALEN) but without conditional branches, and possibly long word memory accesses on CPU allowing cheap unaligned memory reads. arrays = { byte1, byte2, byte3, byte4, byte6, byte7, pad1, pad2}

Please note that alignment of addr1 & addr2 is only guaranted to be 16 bits.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 COMPARE_ETHER_ADDR_6(9)