CLASS_DEV_ITER_INIT(9) Device drivers infrastructure CLASS_DEV_ITER_INIT(9)

NAME class_dev_iter_init - initialize class device iterator

SYNOPSIS void class_dev_iter_init(struct class_dev_iter * iter, struct class * class, struct device * start, const struct device_type * type);

ARGUMENTS iter class iterator to initialize

class the class we wanna iterate over

start the device to start iterating from, if any

type device_type of the devices to iterate over, NULL for all

DESCRIPTION Initialize class iterator iter such that it iterates over devices of class. If start is set, the list iteration will start there, otherwise if it is NULL, the iteration starts at the beginning of the list.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 CLASS_DEV_ITER_INIT(9)