NAME call_usermodehelper_setfns - set a cleanup/init function

SYNOPSIS void call_usermodehelper_setfns(struct subprocess_info * info, int (*init) (struct subprocess_info *info), void (*cleanup) (struct subprocess_info *info), void * data);

ARGUMENTS info a subprocess_info returned by call_usermodehelper_setup

init an init function

cleanup a cleanup function

data arbitrary context sensitive data

DESCRIPTION The init function is used to customize the helper process prior to exec. A non-zero return code causes the process to error out, exit, and return the failure to the calling process

The cleanup function is just before ethe subprocess_info is about to be freed. This can be used for freeing the argv and envp. The Function must be runnable in either a process context or the context in which call_usermodehelper_exec is called.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 CALL_USERMODEHELPER_(9)