NAME blk_update_request - Special helper function for request stacking drivers

SYNOPSIS bool blk_update_request(struct request * req, int error, unsigned int nr_bytes);

ARGUMENTS req the request being processed


0 for success, < 0 for error

nr_bytes number of bytes to complete req

DESCRIPTION Ends I/O on a number of bytes attached to req, but doesn´t complete the request structure even if req doesn´t have leftover. If req has leftover, sets it up for the next range of segments.

This special helper function is only for request stacking drivers (e.g. request-based dm) so that they can handle partial completion. Actual device drivers should use blk_end_request instead.

Passing the result of blk_rq_bytes as nr_bytes guarantees false return from this function.

RETURN false - this request doesn´t have any more data true - this request has more data

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 BLK_UPDATE_REQUEST(9)