NAME blk_end_bidi_request - Complete a bidi request

SYNOPSIS bool blk_end_bidi_request(struct request * rq, int error, unsigned int nr_bytes, unsigned int bidi_bytes);

ARGUMENTS rq the request to complete


0 for success, < 0 for error

nr_bytes number of bytes to complete rq

bidi_bytes number of bytes to complete rq->next_rq

DESCRIPTION Ends I/O on a number of bytes attached to rq and rq->next_rq. Drivers that supports bidi can safely call this member for any type of request, bidi or uni. In the later case bidi_bytes is just ignored.

RETURN false - we are done with this request true - still buffers pending for this request

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 BLK_END_BIDI_REQUEST(9)