ATA_SCSI_USER_SCAN(9) libata SCSI translation/emulat ATA_SCSI_USER_SCAN(9)

NAME ata_scsi_user_scan - indication for user-initiated bus scan

SYNOPSIS int ata_scsi_user_scan(struct Scsi_Host * shost, unsigned int channel, unsigned int id, unsigned int lun);

ARGUMENTS shost SCSI host to scan

channel Channel to scan

id ID to scan

lun LUN to scan

DESCRIPTION This function is called when user explicitly requests bus scan. Set probe pending flag and invoke EH.

LOCKING SCSI layer (we don´t care)


AUTHOR Jeff Garzik Author.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 ATA_SCSI_USER_SCAN(9)