ATA_SCSI_TRANSLATE(9) libata SCSI translation/emulat ATA_SCSI_TRANSLATE(9)

NAME ata_scsi_translate - Translate then issue SCSI command to ATA device

SYNOPSIS int ata_scsi_translate(struct ata_device * dev, struct scsi_cmnd * cmd, void (*done) (struct scsi_cmnd *), ata_xlat_func_t xlat_func);

ARGUMENTS dev ATA device to which the command is addressed

cmd SCSI command to execute

done SCSI command completion function

xlat_func Actor which translates cmd to an ATA taskfile

DESCRIPTION Our ->queuecommand function has decided that the SCSI command issued can be directly translated into an ATA command, rather than handled internally.

This function sets up an ata_queued_cmd structure for the SCSI command, and sends that ata_queued_cmd to the hardware.

The xlat_func argument (actor) returns 0 if ready to execute ATA command, else 1 to finish translation. If 1 is returned then cmd->result (and possibly cmd->sense_buffer) are assumed to be set reflecting an error condition or clean (early) termination.

LOCKING spin_lock_irqsave(host lock)

RETURNS 0 on success, SCSI_ML_QUEUE_DEVICE_BUSY if the command needs to be deferred.

AUTHOR Jeff Garzik Author.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 ATA_SCSI_TRANSLATE(9)