ATA_SCSI_DEV_RESCAN(9) libata SCSI translation/emulat ATA_SCSI_DEV_RESCAN(9)

NAME ata_scsi_dev_rescan - initiate scsi_rescan_device

SYNOPSIS void ata_scsi_dev_rescan(struct work_struct * work);

ARGUMENTS work Pointer to ATA port to perform scsi_rescan_device

DESCRIPTION After ATA pass thru (SAT) commands are executed successfully, libata need to propagate the changes to SCSI layer. This function must be executed from ata_aux_wq such that sdev attach/detach don´t race with rescan.

LOCKING Kernel thread context (may sleep).

AUTHOR Jeff Garzik Author.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. September 2014 ATA_SCSI_DEV_RESCAN(9)