NAME fence_virtd - Fencing host for virtual machines

DESCRIPTION fence_virtd is a host daemon designed to route fencing requests for virtual machines.

Fence_virt and fence_xvm talk to fence_virtd, which supports multiple backend plugins, including: - libvirt for single-node operation - Cluster Checkpoints when using Linux-cluster release 3.0.0 or later - libvirt-qpid for multi-node, non-cluster operation

For compatibility, fence_xvm from linux-cluster release 2 may talk to fence_virtd.

fence_virtd accepts a few options on the command line, but most options are read from fence_virt.conf.

PARAMETERS -d Specify debug level, e.g. "-d99"

-c Interactively prompt user for configuration information

-f Specify an alternate configuration file instead of /etc/fence_virt.conf

-F Do not fork into background after starting (overrides any set- ting in fence_virt.conf)

-w Wait for backend to be available (overrides any setting in fence_virt.conf)

SEE ALSO fence_virt(8), fence_xvm(8), fence(8), fence_virt.conf(5)

fence_virtd (Fence Agent) 2010-01-05 FENCE_AGENT(8)