fence_check(8) fence configuration check fence_check(8)

NAME fence_check - fence configuration check utility

SYNOPSIS fence_check [-h] [-V] [-d] [-v] [-e]

DESCRIPTION The fence_check utility can be used to actively test the fence configu- ration for each node in the cluster, by issuing status commands instead of "reboot" "on" "off" commands on the configured fence methods/devices in cluster.conf.

fence_check can also be very useful when executed via a cron job for regular monitoring of fence devices and to detect issues after clus- ter.conf changes.

OPTIONS -h Print help message, then exit.

-V Print program version information, then exit.

-d Disable output to logfile (default /var/log/clus- ter/fence_check.log). Useful in combination with -e that could record sensitive data from cluster.conf.

-v Enable verbose output of all actions taken during execution. Useful to debug issues with fence_check execution. Use of -v does not include -e.

-e Produce detailed output, in case of failure, of the command used to test the fence device. Use of -e does not include -v. ATTEN- TION: IT MIGHT SHOW FENCE PASSWORDS IN LOG FILES! USE WITH CARE!

-f Override checks and force execution. DO NOT USE ON PRODUCTION CLUSTERS!

NOTES fence_check can only be executed when the following conditions are met:

- cman is running on the node

- the node is quorate

- the node has joined the fence domain

- the node is in charge of fencing for the whole cluster

- no real fencing action is in progress

- no other fence_check operations are in progress.

fence_check will perform all those checks prior starting a cluster wide fence status check. When used in combination with -f, cman must be run- ning on the node and no other processes must be performing a check at the same time.

By default every run of fence_check is logged to logfile and to stdout.

fence_check returns:

0 - if execution completes 1 - on generic execution errors (fatal) 2 - if cman is not running (fatal) 3 - node is not quorate/node is not part of fence domain/if node is not in charge of fencing/a real fencing operation is in progress (can be overridden) 4 - if another fence_check is in progress (fatal) 5 - if any of the fence status tests failed

September 2012 fence_check(8)