NAME dnssec-revoke - Set the REVOKED bit on a DNSSEC key

SYNOPSIS dnssec-revoke [-hr] [-v level] [-K directory] [-E engine] [-f] [-R] {keyfile}

DESCRIPTION dnssec-revoke reads a DNSSEC key file, sets the REVOKED bit on the key as defined in RFC 5011, and creates a new pair of key files containing the now-revoked key.

OPTIONS -h Emit usage message and exit.

-K directory Sets the directory in which the key files are to reside.

-r After writing the new keyset files remove the original keyset files.

-v level Sets the debugging level.

-E engine Use the given OpenSSL engine. When compiled with PKCS#11 support it defaults to pkcs11; the empty name resets it to no engine.

-f Force overwrite: Causes dnssec-revoke to write the new key pair even if a file already exists matching the algorithm and key ID of the revoked key.

-R Print the key tag of the key with the REVOKE bit set but do not revoke the key.

SEE ALSO dnssec-keygen(8), BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual, RFC 5011.

AUTHOR Internet Systems Consortium

COPYRIGHT Copyright © 2009, 2011 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC")

BIND9 June 1, 2009 DNSSEC-REVOKE(8)