NAME ctl_mboxlist - perform operations on the mailbox list database

SYNOPSIS ctl_mboxlist [ -C config-file ] -d [ -x ] [ -p partition ] [ -f filename ] ctl_mboxlist [ -C config-file ] -u [ -f filename ] ctl_mboxlist [ -C config-file ] -m [ -a ] [ -w ] [ -i ] [ -f filename ] ctl_mboxlist [ -C config-file ] -v [ -f filename ]

DESCRIPTION Ctl_mboxlist is used to perform various administrative operations on the mailbox list database.

Ctl_mboxlist reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified otherwise by -C. The configdirectory option is used to determine the default location of the mailbox list database.

OPTIONS -C config-file Read configuration options from config-file.

-d Dump the contents of the database to standard output in a portable flat-text format. NOTE: In Cyrus versions 2.2.13 and earlier, the dump format did not include the mailbox type flags, breaking remote mailboxes (frontends, mupdate master, unified backends) when undumped.

-x When performing a dump, remove the mailboxes dumped from the mailbox list (mostly useful when specified with -p)

-p partition When performing a dump, dump only thise mailboxes that live on partition

-u Load the contents of the database from standard input. The input MUST be in the format output using the -d option. NOTE: Both the old and new formats can be loaded, but the old format will break remote mailboxes.

-m For backend servers in the Cyrus Murder, synchronize the local mailbox list file with the MUPDATE server.

-a When used with -m, assume the local mailboxes file is authori- tiative, that is, only change the mupdate server, do not delete any local mailboxes. USE THIS OPTION WITH CARE, as it allows namespace collisions into the murder.

-w When used with -m, print out what would be done but do not per- form the operations.

-i When used with -m, asks for verification before deleting local mailboxes.

-v Verify the consistency of the mailbox list database and the spool partition(s). Mailboxes present in the database and not located on a spool partition, and those located on a spool par- tition (directory containing a valid cyrus.header file) and not present in the database will be reported. Note that this function is very I/O intensive.

-f filename Use the database specified by filename instead of the default (configdirectory/mailboxes.db).

FILES /etc/imapd.conf

SEE ALSO imapd.conf(5), cyrus-master(8)

CMU Project Cyrus CTL_MBOXLIST(8)