NAME corosync-fplay - Display "flight data" from the corosync "blackbox".

SYNOPSIS corosync-fplay

DESCRIPTION corosync-fplay Print out the logs (including debug logs) that were recorded before the last corosync crash.

EXAMPLES Get info to help developers diagnose a crash. $ corosync-fplay Starting replay: head [74205] tail [0] rec=[1] Log Message=Corosync Cluster Engine (1.2.1 ): started and ready to provide service. [...] rec=[2607] Log Message=Delivering MCAST message with seq a to pending delivery queue rec=[2608] Log Message=downlist received left_list: 2 rec=[2609] Log Message=chosen downlist from node r(0) ip( Finishing replay: records found [2609]

SEE ALSO corosync_overview(8),

AUTHOR Angus Salkeld

2010-05-30 COROSYNC-FPLAY(8)