ccs_sync(8) ccs_sync(8)

NAME ccs_sync - Cluster Synchronization Utility

SYNOPSIS ccs_sync [options] [<host0> [... <hostN>]]

DESCRIPTION ccs_sync is used to synchronize the cluster configuration file to one or more machines in a cluster.

OPTIONS -f <cluster_conf> Specify the path of the cluster.conf file to propagate.

-c <NSS certificate DB> Specify the path to the cacert.pem file.

-i Increment the version in the configuration file before propagat- ing.

-h Display a usage message.

-p <port number> Connect to ricci on the specified port

-w Exit with failure status if any warnings are issued

WARNING It is recommended that cman_tool version -r <x> be used instead of ccs_sync

SEE ALSO cman_tool(8)

July 2010 ccs_sync(8)