capiinit(8) capiinit(8)

NAME capiinit - start or stop CAPI-capable ISDN cards

SYNOPSIS capiinit [OPTIONS] start | stop | show | status | prepare | reload | activate | deactivate

capiinit [OPTIONS] activate|deactivate cardname

capiinit [OPTIONS] activate|deactivate driver [cardname]

DESCRIPTION capiinit is called with one of the following actions:

start Load all modules and initialize all cards (loading the firmware), which are configured in /etc/isdn/capi.conf.

stop Reset all cards and unload modules.

show Show the current configuration.

status Show the current status.

prepare Load all modules.

activate Initialize all cards.

activate cardname Initialize one card (i.e.: c4-ec00).

activate driver [cardnumber] Initialize one card.

deactivate Reset all cards.

deactivate cardname Reset one card (i.e.: c4-ec00).

deactivate driver [cardnumber] Reset one card.

reload Reset all cards and initialize them again.

Firmware files are searched in this order in the following directories: /usr/share/isdn/uname -r, /usr/share/isdn, /usr/lib/isdn, /lib/isdn.

There is a sample config in /etc/isdn/capi.conf.

OPTIONS -c filename, --config filename Use filename as config file (default is /etc/isdn/capi.conf).

-d, --debug Save patch values for debugging purposes.

-s, --silent Dont show status information.

AUTHOR Manpage written from C source by Paul Slootman <>, updated by Matthias Klose <>.