cachemgr.cgi(8) cachemgr.cgi(8)

NAME cachemgr.cgi - squid HTTP proxy manager interface

SYNOPSIS http://your.server/cgi-bin/cachemgr.cgi

DESCRIPTION The cache manager (cachemgr.cgi) is a CGI utility for displaying statistics about the Squid HTTP proxy process as it runs. The cache manager is a convenient way to manage the cache and view statistics without logging into the server.

FILES ./cachemgr.conf /etc/etc/squid/cachemgr.conf The access configuration file defining which Squid servers may be managed via this cachemgr.cgi program. Each line specifies a server:port followed by an optional description

The server name may contain shell wildcard characters such as *, [] etc. A quick selection dropdown menu is automatically con- structed from the simple server names.

Specifying :port is optional. If not specified then the default proxy port is assumed. :* or :any matches any port on the target server.

SECURITY cachemgr.cgi calls the requested server on the requested port using HTTP and returns a formatted version of the response. To avoid abuse it is recommended to configure your web server to restrict access to the cachemgr.cgi program.

Configuration examples for many common web servers can be found in the Squid FAQ.

SEE ALSO squid(8) The Squid FAQ, Chapter 9 The Cache Manager

Squid Web Proxy 3.1.10 cachemgr.cgi(8)