avcstat(8) SELinux Command Line documentation avcstat(8)

NAME avcstat - Display SELinux AVC statistics

SYNOPSIS avcstat [-c] [-f status_file] [interval]


Display SELinux AVC statistics. If the interval parameter is speci- fied, the program will loop, displaying updated statistics every interval seconds. Relative values are displayed by default.

OPTIONS -c Display the cumulative values.

-f Specifies the location of the AVC statistics file, defaulting to /selinux/avc/cache_stats.

SEE ALSO selinux(8)

AUTHOR This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <dwalsh@redhat.com>. The program was written by James Morris <jmorris@redhat.com>.

dwalsh@redhat.com 18 Nov 2004 avcstat(8)