NAME authconfig-gtk, system-config-authentication - GUI utility for config- uring user identity and system authentication services

SYNOPSIS authconfig-gtk [--nox] [--updateall] [--firstboot]

DESCRIPTION authconfig-gtk provides a simple graphical user interface for configur- ing user identity and system authentication services. It provides basic configuration options to handle NIS, LDAP, Kerberos 5, and Win- bind client configuration.

OPTIONS If the --nox option is specified, authconfig command line utility is run instead of the GUI.

The --updateall option forces overwriting of all configuration files not only the files affected by the changes made in the user interaction with the GUI. This option can be useful in case the configuration files are broken by manual editing.

The --firstboot option is to be used only when firstboot utility runs the GUI during the first setup of the system after installation.

RETURN CODES authconfig-gtk returns 0 on success, non zero on error.

SEE ALSO authconfig(8), system-auth-ac(5)

AUTHORS Nalin Dahyabhai <>, Preston Brown <>, Matt Wilson <>, Tomas Mraz <>

Red Hat, Inc. 31 March 2010 AUTHCONFIG-GTK(8)