audit-viewer(8) audit-viewer(8)

NAME audit-viewer - A graphical utility for viewing and summarizing audit events

SYNOPSIS audit-viewer [--unprivileged] SAVED...

DESCRIPTION audit-viewer is a GUI for viewing and summarizing audit events.

Tabs displaying specific configuration can be specified on the command line using one or more SAVED file names, each file should contain either a previously saved window layout or a previously saved configu- ration of a single tab.

If no SAVED files are specified, audit-viewer opens a simple unfiltered list of audit events.

OPTIONS --unprivileged Do not try to start the privileged audit-viewer-server back-end.

If this option is specified, only audit log files that are read- able by the current user are available. This usually means that the system audit log files stored in /var/log/audit are not available.

EXIT STATUS audit-viewer usually exists with status 0. Non-zero exit status is returned if audit-viewer can not start the audit-viewer-server back-end or terminates unexpectedly.

FILES /var/log/audit The directory containing system log files.

SEE ALSO ausearch-expression(5), aureport(8), ausearch(8)

audit-viewer 2009-10-01 audit-viewer(8)