NAME amanda-applications - Application-api for amanda

DESCRIPTION Describe how to use application with Amanda

APPLICATIONS This section lists the applications included with Amanda. See the individual man pages for instructions on using them. For complete How-To information, consult the Amanda wiki at

· amgtar(8), - use GNU Tar to backup and restore data.

· amsamba(8), - use smbclient to backup and restore data.

· amstar(8), - use star to backup and restore data.

· amzfs-sendrecv(8), - use zfs to create a snapshot and use ´zfs send´ to generate the backup.

SEE ALSO amanda.conf(5)

AUTHORS Jean-Louis Martineau <> Zmanda, Inc. (

Dustin J. Mitchell <> Zmanda, Inc. (

Amanda 2.6.1p2 11/05/2009 AMANDA-APPLICATIONS(7)