clients.conf(5) FreeRADIUS client configuration clients.conf(5)

NAME clients.conf - FreeRADIUS client configuration

DESCRIPTION The clients.conf file contains definitions of RADIUS clients.

The information in this file overrides any information provided in the deprecated clients(5) and naslist(5) files.

The file format is the same as that used for radiusd.conf. See radiusd.conf(5) for more details.

Each RADIUS client entry has the following basic form:

client <short-name> { <attribute> = <value> }

ATTRIBUTES The attributes that can appear in a client section are listed below. Required attributes are labelled as such. All other attributes are optional.

ipaddr [Required] The IP address of the client. For IPv6, use "ipv6addr"

secret [Required] The RADIUS shared secret used for communication between the client/NAS and the RADIUS server.

shortname [optional] A short alias that can be used in place of the IP address or fully qualified hostname provided in the first line of the section.

nastype The nastype attribute is used to tell the script which NAS-specific method it should use when checking simultaneous use.

The following values are currently recognized: cisco computone livingston max40xx multitech netserver pathras patton portslave tc usrhiper other

login Reserved for future use.

password Reserved for future use.

EXAMPLES client localhost { ipaddr = secret = testing123 shortname = localhost nastype = other }

This adds a client for the loopback address. This is useful in testing the server locally, for example with radclient(1).

client private-network-1 { ipaddr = netmask = 24 secret = testing123-1 shortname = private-network-1 }

This entry represents any client from the network.

The old-style format from 1.x is still accepted by the server, but that form is deprecated.

FILES /etc/raddb/clients.conf


SEE ALSO radiusd(8), radiusd.conf(5), clients(5), naslist(5)

AUTHOR FreeRADIUS is authored by the FreeRADIUS team.

13 June 2005 clients.conf(5)