CGRED.CONF(5) libcgroup Manual CGRED.CONF(5)

NAME cgred.conf - libcgroup configuration file

DESCRIPTION cgred.conf is cgred service configuration file. In this file there could be defined several internal values. Defining anything else in this file will cause the CGroup Rules Daemon program to fail.

CONFIG_FILE specifies the configuration file for cgred service

LOG_FILE variable specifies the file to which logs will be written (by default they are not sent to a file but to syslog)

NODAEMON if it is equal to "--nodamon" then run cgred in non-daemon mode

LOG define the verbosity of logging. Accepted values are -v, -vv, -q and --nolog.

FILES /etc/cgred.conf default libcgroup configuration file

SEE ALSO cgrules.conf (5), cgconfig.conf (5)

Linux 2009-03-16 CGRED.CONF(5)