curl_strequal(3) libcurl Manual curl_strequal(3)

NAME curl_strequal, curl_strnequal - case insensitive string comparisons

SYNOPSIS #include <curl/curl.h>

int curl_strequal(char *str1, char *str2);

int curl_strenqual(char *str1, char *str2, size_t len);

DESCRIPTION The curl_strequal() function compares the two strings str1 and str2, ignoring the case of the characters. It returns a non-zero (TRUE) inte- ger if the strings are identical.

The curl_strnequal() function is similar, except it only compares the first len characters of str1.

These functions are provided by libcurl to enable applications to com- pare strings in a truly portable manner. There are no standard portable case insensitive string comparison functions. These two work on all platforms.

AVAILABILITY These functions will be removed from the public libcurl API in a near future. They will instead be made "available" by source code access only, and then as curlx_strequal() and curlx_strenqual().

RETURN VALUE Non-zero if the strings are identical. Zero if theyre not.

SEE ALSO strcmp(3), strcasecmp(3)

libcurl 7.12 30 April 2004 curl_strequal(3)