FcStrCopyFilename(3) FcStrCopyFilename(3)

NAME FcStrCopyFilename - create a complete path from a filename

SYNOPSIS #include <fontconfig.h>

FcChar8 * FcStrCopyFilename(const FcChar8 *s); .fi

DESCRIPTION FcStrCopyFilename constructs an absolute pathname from s. It converts any leading ~ characters in to the value of the HOME environment variable, and any relative paths are converted to absolute paths using the current working directory. Sequences of / characters are con- verted to a single /, and names containing the current directory . or parent directory .. are correctly reconstructed. Returns NULL if ~ is the leading character and HOME is unset or disabled (see FcConfigEnableHome).

VERSION Fontconfig version 2.8.0

18 November 2009 FcStrCopyFilename(3)