FcDirScan(3) FcDirScan(3)

NAME FcDirScan - scan a font directory without caching it

SYNOPSIS #include <fontconfig.h>

FcBool FcDirScan(FcFontSet *set); (FcStrSet *dirs); (FcFileCache *cache); (FcBlanks *blanks); (const FcChar8 *dir); (FcBool force); .fi

DESCRIPTION If cache is not zero or if force is FcFalse, this function currently returns FcFalse. Otherwise, it scans an entire directory and adds all fonts found to set. Any subdirectories found are added to dirs. Call- ing this function does not create any cache files. Use FcDirCacheRead() if caching is desired.

VERSION Fontconfig version 2.8.0

18 November 2009 FcDirScan(3)