DPMSDisable(3) X FUNCTIONS DPMSDisable(3)

NAME DPMSDisable - disables DPMS on the specified display

SYNOPSIS cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lXext [ library ... ] #include <X11/extensions/dpms.h>

Status DPMSDisable ( Display *display );

ARGUMENTS display Specifies the connection to the X server

DESCRIPTION The DPMSDisable function disables Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) on the specified display. When disabled, DPMS sets the display to DPMSModeOn. If DPMSDisable is invoked on a display with DPMS already disabled or on a display which does not support DPMS, no change is made and no error is returned.

RETURN VALUES TRUE The DPMSDisable function always returns TRUE.

SEE ALSO DPMSCapable(3), DPMSEnable(3)

X Version 11 libXext 1.3.2 DPMSDisable(3)