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NAME CMPIValue - CMPIValue class implementation

SYNOPSIS Public Attributes CMPIUint64 uint64 CMPIUint32 uint32 CMPIUint16 uint16 CMPIUint8 uint8 CMPISint64 sint64 CMPISint32 sint32 CMPISint16 sint16 CMPISint8 sint8 CMPIReal64 real64 CMPIReal32 real32 CMPIBoolean boolean CMPIChar16 char16 CMPIInstance * inst CMPIObjectPath * ref CMPIArgs * args CMPIEnumeration * Enum CMPIArray * array CMPIString * string char * chars CMPIDateTime * dateTime CMPIValuePtr dataPtr CMPISint8 Byte CMPISint16 Short CMPISint32 Int CMPISint64 Long CMPIReal32 Float CMPIReal64 Double

METHODS void native_release_CMPIValue (CMPIType type, CMPIValue *val) CMPIValue native_clone_CMPIValue (CMPIType type, CMPIValue *val, CMPIS- tatus *rc) char * pathToChars (CMPIObjectPath *cop, CMPIStatus *rc, char *str, int uri) char * value2CharsUri (CMPIType type, CMPIValue *value, int uri) char * value2Chars (CMPIType type, CMPIValue *value) char * keytype2Chars (CMPIType type) CMPIValue * getKeyValueTypePtr (char *type, char *value, XtokValueRef- erence *ref, CMPIValue *val, CMPIType *typ) CMPIType guessType (char *val) CMPIValue str2CMPIValue (CMPIType type, char *val, XtokValueReference *ref)

DESCRIPTION CMPIValue class implementation, representing the Encapsulated value objects.

This is the native CMPIValue implementation as used for remote providers. It reflects the well-defined interface of a regular CMPI- Value, however, it works independently from the management broker.

It is part of a native broker implementation that simulates CMPI data types rather than interacting with the entities in a full-grown CIMOM.

SEE ALSO Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) - OpenGroup

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