NAME epstopdf - convert an EPS file to PDF

SYNOPSIS epstopdf [options] epsfile

DESCRIPTION epstopdf transforms the Encapsulated PostScript file epsfile so that it is guaranteed to start at the 0,0 coordinate, and it sets a page size exactly corresponding to the BoundingBox. This means that when Ghostscript renders it, the result needs no cropping, and the PDF Medi- aBox is correct. The result is piped to Ghostscript and a PDF version written.

If the bounding box is not right, of course, you have problems...

OPTIONS --outfile=file write result to file instead of standard output.

--[no]filter read standard input (default: --nofilter).

--[no]gs run ghostscript (default: --gs).

--[no]compress use compression (default: --compress).

--[no]hires scan HiresBoundingBox (default: --nohires).

--[no]exact scan ExactBoundingBox (default: --noexact).

--[no]debug debug informations (default: --nodebug).

--help print usage

EXAMPLE Examples for producing "test.pdf":

epstopdf test.eps produce postscript | epstopdf --filter >test.pdf produce postscript | epstopdf -f -d -o=test.pdf

Example: look for HiresBoundingBox and produce corrected PostScript:

epstopdf -d --nogs -hires test.ps>testcorr.ps

BUGS The only thing I have not allowed for is the case of "%%BoundingBox: (atend)", which is more complicated.

SEE ALSO gs(1).

AUTHOR Sebastian Rahtz, for Elsevier Science. Now with extra tricks from Hans Hagens texutil.

October 30, 1999 EPSTOPDF(1)