DEVKIT-POWER(1) devkit-power DEVKIT-POWER(1)

NAME devkit-power - DeviceKit-power command line tool

SYNOPSIS devkit-power [--enumerate] [--monitor] [--monitor-detail] [--help]

DESCRIPTION devkit-power is a simple command line client for the DeviceKit-power(7) daemon. TODO: not fully documented.

OPTIONS --monitor Connect to the DeviceKit-power daemon and print a line every time a power source is added, removed or changed.

--monitor-detail Like --monitor but prints the full details of the power source whenever an event happens.

--help Show help options.

AUTHOR Written by David Zeuthen with a lot of help from many others.

BUGS Please send bug reports to either the distribution or the DeviceKit mailing list, see on how to subscribe.

SEE ALSO devkit-power-daemon(8), DeviceKit-power(7),

devkit-power April 2008 DEVKIT-POWER(1)