DBWRAP_TOOL(1) System Administration tools DBWRAP_TOOL(1)

NAME dbwrap_tool - low level TDB/CTDB manipulation tool using the dbwrap interface

SYNOPSIS dbwrap_tool {<database>} {<operation>} [<key> [<type> [<value>] ]]

DESCRIPTION This tool is part of the samba(7) suite.

The dbwrap_tool program is used to read and manipulate TDB/CTDB databases using the dbwrap interface.

The following database operations are available:

· fetch: fetch a record

· store: create or modify a record

· delete: remove a record

· erase: remove all records

· listkeys: list all available records

The following types are available:

· int32: signed 32bit integer

· uint32: unsigned 32bit integer

· string: "hello world"


COMMANDS fetch dbwrap_tool <database> fetch <key> <type>

store dbwrap_tool <database> store <key> <type> <value>

delete dbwrap_tool <database> delete <key>

erase dbwrap_tool <database> erase

listkeys dbwrap_tool <database> listkeys

EXAMPLES List all keys from winbindd_idmap.tdb dbwrap_tool winbindd_idmap.tdb listkeys

Fetch record with key "USER HWM" as uint32 dbwrap_tool winbindd_idmap.tdb fetch "USER HWM" uint32

Remove record with key "USER HWM" dbwrap_tool winbindd_idmap.tdb remove "USER HWM"

Store and overwrite record "USER HWM" with value 214 dbwrap_tool winbindd_idmap.tdb store "USER HWM" uint32 214

NOTES Use with caution!

VERSION This man page is correct for version 3 of the Samba suite.

SEE ALSO smbd(8), samba(7)

AUTHOR The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux kernel is developed.

The dbwrap_tool manpage was written by Bjoern Baumbach.

Samba 3.6 09/18/2013 DBWRAP_TOOL(1)