cupstestdsc(1) Apple Inc. cupstestdsc(1)

NAME cupstestdsc - test conformance of postscript files

SYNOPSIS cupstestdsc [ -h ] [ ... ] cupstestdsc [ -h ] -

DESCRIPTION cupstestdsc tests the conformance of PostScript files to the Adobe PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification ver- sion 3.0. The results of testing and any other output are sent to the standard output. The second form of the command reads PostScript from the standard input.

LIMITATIONS cupstestdsc only validates the DSC comments in a PostScript file and does not attempt to validate the PostScript code itself. Developers must ensure that the PostScript they generate follows the rules defined by Adobe. Specifically, all pages must be independent of each other, code outside page descriptions may not affect the graphics state (cur- rent font, color, transform matrix, etc.), and device-specific commands such as setpagedevice should not be used.

SEE ALSO http://localhost:631/help Adobe PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specifica- tion, Version 3.0.

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20 March 2006 CUPS cupstestdsc(1)