CHFN(1) Linux Reference Manual CHFN(1)

NAME chfn - change your finger information

SYNOPSIS chfn [-f full-name] [-o office] ,RB [ -p office-phone] [-h home-phone] -u] [-v] [username]

DESCRIPTION chfn is used to change your finger information. This information is stored in the /etc/passwd file, and is displayed by the finger program. The Linux finger command will display four pieces of information that can be changed by chfn: your real name, your work room and phone, and your home phone.

COMMAND LINE Any of the four pieces of information can be specified on the command line. If no information is given on the command line, chfn enters interactive mode.

INTERACTIVE MODE In interactive mode, chfn will prompt for each field. At a prompt, you can enter the new information, or just press return to leave the field unchanged. Enter the keyword "none" to make the field blank.

OPTIONS -f, --full-name full-name Specify your real name.

-o, --office office Specify your office room number.

-p, --office-phone office-phone Specify your office phone number.

-h, --home-phone home-phone Specify your home phone number.

-u, --help Print a usage message and exit.

-v, --version Print version information and exit.

SEE ALSO finger(1), passwd(5)

AUTHOR Salvatore Valente <>

AVAILABILITY The chfn command is part of the util-linux-ng package and is available from

chfn October 13 1994 CHFN(1)