NAME build-jar-repository - create a symbolic link to a JAR

SYNOPSIS build-jar-repository [OPTION]... DIRECTORY... JAR

DESCRIPTION Build a JAR repository in the named directory by copying files or cre- ating symbolic links

OPTIONS If no option is specified the default action will be to create symbolic links

-c, --copy copy files

-h, --hard create hard links

-p, --preserve-naming try to preserve the names of the original JAR files (in case of a nested hit the slashes in the path will still be replaced by underscores)

using this option makes any future automated repository rebuild impossible, and implies -c unless specified otherwise

-s, --soft, --symbolic create symbolic links (default)

--help display help text

EXAMPLES build-jar-repository . jndi will create a symbolic link to the JNDI JAR in the current work- ing directory

build-jar-repository -h /tmp oro will create a hard link to the ORO JAR in /tmp

AUTHOR Written by Nicholas Mailhot and David Walluck

REPORTING BUGS Report bugs using JPackage Bugzilla (

build-jar-repository (jpackage-utiMarch.2006 BUILD-JAR-REPOSITORY(1)