continue(n) Tcl Built-In Commands continue(n)


NAME continue - Skip to the next iteration of a loop

SYNOPSIS continue _________________________________________________________________

DESCRIPTION This command is typically invoked inside the body of a looping command such as for or foreach or while. It returns a TCL_CONTINUE code, which causes a continue exception to occur. The exception causes the current script to be aborted out to the innermost containing loop command, which then continues with the next iteration of the loop. Catch excep- tions are also handled in a few other situations, such as the catch command and the outermost scripts of procedure bodies.

EXAMPLE Print a line for each of the integers from 0 to 10 except 5: for {set x 0} {$x<10} {incr x} { if {$x == 5} { continue } puts "x is $x" }

SEE ALSO break(n), for(n), foreach(n), return(n), while(n)

KEYWORDS continue, iteration, loop

Tcl continue(n)