FB_FIND_BEST_MODE(9) Frame Buffer Library FB_FIND_BEST_MODE(9)

NAME fb_find_best_mode - find best matching videomode

SYNOPSIS const struct fb_videomode * fb_find_best_mode(const struct fb_var_screeninfo * var, struct list_head * head);

ARGUMENTS var pointer to struct fb_var_screeninfo

head pointer to struct list_head of modelist

RETURNS struct fb_videomode, NULL if none found

IMPORTANT This function assumes that all modelist entries in info->modelist are valid.

NOTES Finds best matching videomode which has an equal or greater dimension than var->xres and var->yres. If more than 1 videomode is found, will return the videomode with the highest refresh rate

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. January 2013 FB_FIND_BEST_MODE(9)