NAME bitmap_scnlistprintf - convert bitmap to list format ASCII string

SYNOPSIS int bitmap_scnlistprintf(char * buf, unsigned int buflen, const unsigned long * maskp, int nmaskbits);

ARGUMENTS buf byte buffer into which string is placed

buflen reserved size of buf, in bytes

maskp pointer to bitmap to convert

nmaskbits size of bitmap, in bits

DESCRIPTION Output format is a comma-separated list of decimal numbers and ranges. Consecutively set bits are shown as two hyphen-separated decimal numbers, the smallest and largest bit numbers set in the range. Output format is compatible with the format accepted as input by bitmap_parselist.

The return value is the number of characters which would be generated for the given input, excluding the trailing ´ ´, as per ISO C99.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. January 2013 BITMAP_SCNLISTPRINTF(9)