ATA_WAIT_READY(9) libata Core Internals ATA_WAIT_READY(9)

NAME ata_wait_ready - wait for link to become ready

SYNOPSIS int ata_wait_ready(struct ata_link * link, unsigned long deadline, int (*check_ready) (struct ata_link *link));

ARGUMENTS link link to be waited on

deadline deadline jiffies for the operation

check_ready callback to check link readiness

DESCRIPTION Wait for link to become ready. check_ready should return positive number if link is ready, 0 if it isn´t, -ENODEV if link doesn´t seem to be occupied, other errno for other error conditions.

Transient -ENODEV conditions are allowed for ATA_TMOUT_FF_WAIT.

LOCKING EH context.

RETURNS 0 if linke is ready before deadline; otherwise, -errno.

AUTHOR Jeff Garzik Author.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. January 2013 ATA_WAIT_READY(9)